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Laughter is good like a medicine. Science tells us it can reduce blood pressure, relieve stress, fight depression and even burn calories!

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Learning shouldn't be boring and sterile! Humor has been linked to an increased capacity for learning and retention, and we're strategically using that to our advantage. Learn about yourself with others in a fun and cool way!

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As you laugh and learn more about yourself in the community, you'll discover more of what life has to offer you! A life filled with laughter and learning can lead to a richer sense of purpose.

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What the fans are saying:

“Michael Jr. is different than other comedians in that his comedy's really clean, but it just makes me laugh so hard. And you just feel like you have a connection with him.”
“When you hear Michael it's not just laughing for two minutes, and back to the daily drudge. Now I feel uplifted and like I can take on the day. You know, so it's not just escapism. I have a new lease on life”
“This is more than just jokes, he's actually going to show us how to be intentional about purpose and I think that is awesome. I've never seen that.”